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30 September 2020

Climate Security in the Western Indian Ocean

by François Gemenne, co-director of the Defense & Climate Observatory, member of the IPCC, Sofia Kabbej, researcher at IRIS, Roman Monange, research assistant at IRIS, and Julia Tasse, researcher at IRIS, head of the Climate, Energy and Security Programme

The Ministry of Armed Forces regularly outsources studies to private research institutes, according to a geographical or sectoral approach, aimed to complement its internal expertise. These contractual relations are part of the development of the prospective approach to defence, which, as underlined by the latest White Paper on Defence and National Security, “must be able to draw on an independent, multidisciplinary, original strategic reflection, integrating academic research as well as the one of specialised institutes”.

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A large part of these studies was made public and available on the site of the Ministry of Armed Forces. In the case of a study published in a piecemeal manner, the Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy can be contacted for more information.

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